Dependent Personality Disorder – marked by extensive anxious behaviour, helplessness and the need to be taken care of

Dependent personality disorder is marked by extensive anxious behaviour, helplessness and the need to be taken care of. People suffering from this disorder need to be continuously reassured about their feelings and position in their life. This kind of disorder can get manifested with equal strength in both the sexes and do not have a particular age when they start developing.


Like other psychological disorders, dependent personality disorder can not be measured by using any equipment or dimensions. There are certain symptoms that are used to measure the intensity of this personality disorder.


People who are suffering from this disorder are always emotionally dependent and feel betrayed if they are not given importance. In extreme cases this dependency might get converted into possessiveness. They can go to any extent to try and please people so that they are attended by others.


Always suffering from a fear of rejection and separation, they have a clinging attitude that can get irritating. They suffer from low self esteem and can not take decisions on their own. For every decision that they take they need assurance from others for their accuracy.


These people fare very badly in their professional life as they can not handle responsibilities and shrink away from any kind of job responsibility. They also don’t like jobs that need independent functioning.


They always need involvement in some or other relationships and quickly shift from one relationship to another whenever they sense a fear of desertion. They always need to be emotionally supported by both their peers and their immediate family members.

Filled with self doubt, these people are pessimists by nature show no interest in their day to day work with the fear of doing things wrong.


They are very submissive in nature and form the maximum percentage of people who are abused in relationships. With the fear of losing a support, they tolerate all the happenings of a miscreant.


They live in their own world and their belief can be very naïve. They usually remain miles away from the happenings around them.  They lack the will to excel and can never stay alone.


Dependent personality disorder can get manifested at an early age. An authoritative and restrictive up bringing, deep fear that got manifested due to child abuse and too much of interference in life are some of the main reasons why DPD gets manifested.


Parents, who are over obsessive about what their children do and do not allow them to be assertive, too will allow manifestation of the personality disorder in them. How the symptoms of the disorder get expressed can not be ascertained. They might remain dormant and then get expressed as a result of shock or tension.


Any kind of psychological disorder when it gets manifested becomes very difficult to be treated. It is therefore suggested that initial steps should be taken in the beginning itself to prevent the onset of such disorders.


As discussed in the above lines, home environment plays an important role in the inculcation of the symptoms of this disorder. Parents need to allow their children to decide for themselves. Even when their decisions are wrong, instead of reprimanding them parents need to show them the correct path so that they do not lose their self confidence. Certain values like taking on loss on the face need to be taught early on.

Short term therapies are better advised for treating the symptoms of DPD. Long term therapies are avoided because these patients might get dependent on their physicians. Assertive assignments are essential to make them grow their self confidence.

Use of medication becomes essential when people suffering from DPD start showing symptoms of side effects like diabetes, depression etc.


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