How dust mites can invade your home

Dust mites are tiny eight-legged insects that live in just about every home. They are so tiny that you can only see them with a microscope and even then only when you have them on a dark background. Although these mites do not pose a threat or biting or carrying disease, they are pests because they cause allergies. They do pose a threat to anyone who has asma because their presence makes the symptoms of the condition worse. 

They are usually found in bedrooms, in the dust bunnies under the bed and in the pillows and mattress. You can also find them in sofas and in carpeting because this is the environment that provides them with what they need to survive - dust, warmth, and moisture. They come from the same class of arthropods as spiders and ticks. They feed on the scales of dead skin that comes off the human body, which is why they love beds so much. 

It is not the dust mites themselves that causes a problem for humans. When they do eat the particles of skin, they must secrete a fungus that will digest the food before they eat it. This is necessary because they do not have a stomach to digest the food for them. Of course, they secrete more fungus than necessary and the food that is left behind has fungus left on it. Like all living things, they do excrete waste and it is the waste that causes allergies. When you realize that there could be a million or more of these dust mites in your mattress, than adds up to an enormous amount of waste.

If you lie on a rug or carpet containing dust mites, you may feel as if your skin is itching. This is one of the reactions they cause and of course, when you scratch, you provide them with more food. One of the ways you can combat this unseen problem is to make sure that you vacuum the carpeting on a regular basis. Take your rugs outdoors to beat them out and if the weather is suitable, leave the rug outdoors in the sunlight. Sunlight is one of the enemies of dust mites and is one step you can take to getting rid of them. 

In the bedroom, experts recommend placing dust covers over your mattress. And pillows. All bedding (blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases) needs to be washed in really hot water at last once a week. Washing in cold water may save you money on your water or electric bill, but it will not do anything about getting rid of the dust mites. Even with the dust proof covers in place, you do need to vacuum these as well - at least once a week. They keep the dust from getting on the mattress and pillow, but they do collect dust too. 

Everyone knows that children love stuffed toys. However, this is another area where dust mites live and breed. You should not have any stuffed toys in a child’s room and if your little one does have a favorite toy or blanket that he/she carries everywhere, it will need to be laundered more often than the regular bedding.

If you want help to make a perfect cleaning and get rid of all of those allergenic problems, contact Euro Eco and enjoy a satisfyingly clean home.