Tips to ensure a quick home sale

Performing a few simple changes on your home before selling it can make a huge difference between a selling your property hassle free and a disappointment. Here are a few tips to remember if you want to ensure a quick home sale.

Finish all your do-it-yourself fixes before putting your house or flat up for sale. Many houses have their own list of unfinished minor repairs like a broken window, a squeaking door, a cracked floor or an unpainted corner that needs to be fixed.Getting these repairs done will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Organize your home space and do not leave any clutter lying around. Having a lot of things in your home space makes it look smaller which puts off buyers. Experts recommend that you remove at least one-third of the things in your home to make rooms look bigger which shows your home at its best. 

Clean your home and make every corner spic and span. Sweep the floors, vacuum them, wash your carpets, remove all cobwebs, and wipe all surfaces. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms because these are the areas that usually contain the most dirt. Buyers usually spend more time checking these rooms because they reflect how well you take care of the entire home.Make your home look less personalized and make it appear more neutral. Remove your family portraits and all of your personal collections. If you need to repaint your walls, do so. This is a psychological approach which gives prospective buyers a feel that they can own the home.This increases the probability of selling your home

Make your home look more appealing by including decorations to emphasize certain spots in a room. Redesign as needed to make every room look eye-catching. Make your home appear comfortable to live in.

Hire an RICS valuer and have a pre-sale inspection for your home. This can help you find the areas that need to be repaired which you might have missed. Additionally, if your home is in perfect condition, the inspection results can attest to it which makes your home more saleable. Have a look at our

section to find the right surveyor for you.Set the appropriate price and advertise through a reliable person or estate agent. Marketing your home is key to selling your home so that you can have a greater chance of getting your advertisement to the right buyer. Make sure they advertise on the internet on sites like Rightmove.Try ringing round a few estate agents first as if you are a purchaser. Do they seem interested and take your details ?

When you found a buyer make sure that they are reputable, honest and really able to buy. Ensure that they have proof of finance and/or letters of reference.

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